New SouthPark Order


The UnderTommer, CartManKind, and the Rogue Dog

The very first episode of South Park aired on August 13, 1997... and I was watching. I had read a press release that said this new cartoon was supposed to push limits and break boundaries. It did that. I wasn't instantly fond of the show, but I admired the creators' willingness to cause trouble.

During the closing credits, I was urged to "Meet the boys online..." so I did. Comedy Central had set up this South Park Booster Club. I signed on, and to this day I say I may not be the Number One Fan, but I'm one of the first fifty.

As more people signed on, the Booster Club digests quickly devolved into a bunch of distasteful crap written by children. Soon, one guy started a moderated list for more civilized folk, who quickly fled the Official Comedy Central thing.

But a couple of weeks later, one "Stone Cold Joe Austin" said, "Look what we're missing" and attached a copy of Comedy Central's digest. It was like dumping us into a room full of foul-mouthed little kids running amok with weaponry.

In retaliation, I referred to Stone Cold's pro-wrestling-inspired nickname and, calling myself the UnderTommer, began a mock rivalry. Soon, long discussion threads became devoted to the SPWF we’d accidentally started. The moderator decided we were off-topic and told us to “take it outside”.

So we started a rogue list that we called— the Rogue List. Stone Cold Joe Austin was a force to be reckoned with, and I was his archrival The UnderTommer. In the real WWF (if it can be called that), a faction called the New World Order came into being. I quickly became the New SouthPark Order.

Our Rogue List included Taison Tan, who started, the only unofficial South Park site mentioned on-air (twice) by the show’s creators. We also had Jeremy Cannon, who briefly maintained Jeremy Owen built us our own Roguepac webpage.

We came full circle when Comedy Central hired Stone Cold Joe Austin to moderate the Official South Park Booster Club! And I remained his archrival The New SouthPark Order. We were almost famous!

In the meantime, while I was busy being the nSPo, I needed a team name for a local NASCAR Fantasy League. So that’s what I used, and I stuck with it for the next nine years. It’s also my eBay ID and my username on various message boards.

Our e-mail Rogue List died in 2000.

Pro wrestling's nWo died in 2002.

My Legion NASCAR League died in 2006.

But the nSPo lives on — nSPo 4 Life!

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The UnderTommer, CartManKind, and the Rogue Dog