New SouthPark Order

Team poster from the Y2K season

The nSPo Racecars

In 1998, members of Papio's American Legion Post 32 began a NASCAR fantasy league. I had just started using the nSPo name on various internet message boards, and since I needed a name for my fantasy league race team, I used the New SouthPark Order for that, too.

While I was playing fantasy team racing, I fantasized a race car just for kicks. In my imagination, the nSPo car would have to be a Ford, since I proudly owned an ultracool Mustang, Betsy the Stripper, and would bear the number 25, in tribute to my racing hero Tim Richmond.

The first nSPo paint scheme was based on my nSPo logo, with a background of Mourning Black.

1:64 scale nSPo cars from 1998

By the end of the year, I was finding the black cars a little "intimidating", while some people thought I was imitating. So the 1999 nSPo Ford Taurus got a fancier "fading checkers" paint scheme.

New "fade" scheme for 1999

To celebrate the turn of the century, the nSPo car got another, "swoopier" makeover, which it kept for 3 seasons. I also used an idea from the real Show – running two teams to double my chances of winning. Running alongside its sister car, the "Rogue Racer", these were the New SouthPark Order's strongest years.

The "Millennium" car of Y2K

nSPo Team Highlights


  • Second at Martinsville and Loudon
  • Third in both Atlanta races
  • Finished 6th in points


  • Won the Brickyard
  • Won the night race at Bristol – the second time in 3 years
  • Championship point leader for 2 weeks


  • Won at Charlotte and Atlanta

Various factors contributed to my decision to sit out the 2003 season. But after taking a year off, the nSPo got new sponsorship— meaning: someone paid my entry fee. In deference to a new baby at home, all alcohol and tobacco logos were removed from the car, and the nSPo rejoined the Legion Fantasy League's eighth year with a new paint scheme and a vengeance, winning Sears Point, Chicago, and Miami.

2004 "family-friendly" Ford

In 2006, Ford unveiled its new Fusion racecar. To mark the occasion, the New SouthPark Order adjusted its paint scheme to reflect its long-term commitment to "Real Fire" graphics replaced the red stripes, and a design was added to the taillight panel.

The nSPo car that the Legionnaires never saw

The new fantasy car didn't help in the Legion Fantasy League... Nobody volunteered to run the venture in 2006 and the League abruptly ceased to exist.

To fill the void, the New SouthPark Order entered a fantasy league at and I began calculating results using comparitive mathematics, where the top 1/43 of all entrants (nearly 3000 of them) would be scored with a win, the next 1/43rd given a second place, and so on.

nSPo Team Highlights


  • Second at the Daytona 500
  • Seven Top-10s
  • Finished 7th in points


  • Second at Pocono
  • Eleven Top-10s
  • Finished 7th in points


  • Second at Texas
  • Eleven Top-10s
  • Finished 6th in points


  • Won at Dover, Second at Darlington
  • Nine Top-10s
  • Finished 16th in points


  • Won at Martinsville
  • Three 2nd-place finishes, Twelve Top-10s
  • Championship point leader for 7 weeks, finished 8th