Living in a Garage

I nightmare spiders and wake
The sun never shines
Rain-colored clones
pour endlessly from the dead beyond.
Drips pass my windows
flowing down the gutter
to race down the drain.
It rains all day.
I nightmare asleep.

I nightmare a hanging and wake
cold frozen drifters
no two alike
become slush on the street below.
Made in the image of their maker
they fall from the dead beyond
to melt on the ground.
It snows all day.
I nightmare asleep.

I nightmare a flash and wake
reeling bodies pack together and fall
lights strobe
enraged toppling
skull cracks on stone
fires blow apart
buildings crumble as
a city melts flaming
bones scream
fiery agony explodes
I dream smoking.

I nightmare awake and stand
locked in stone cold walls
dark holes, empty sockets.
Window barred I stand, death
blows tattered through rubble
stale screams lost
carry on the wind the shattered
torment of silence.
Black hate flickers and dies.
Desolate grey despair I stand
empty city dark, bitter pain
screams inside my bones.
No sky, no life, bricks scattered
out of reach I stand hopeless
and wait silent street winds blow
a bottle clatters
I nightmare asleep.